Return & Refunds

Houzhandy’s Return and Refund policy gives you an option to return the purchased product(s), and/or a refund. We trust that you would never need to return an order owing to our absolute quality commitment. But if due to unforeseen circumstances such things happen, we are always here to help you out with it.

We accept the returns only if the following cases are found to be true:

· Your product ordered and received were incorrect in quantity or size or the product itself is incorrect.

· The product’s expiry date is found very near or has already been expired and thereby can no longer be used.

· The product was found broken or leaked or damaged.

Note: The above-mentioned cases should be detected right after opening the product else we assume that it happened to you.

Also, you should make sure that you do not make any changes with the delivered box, else we would find it hard to identify the problem.

We shall not accept the package or neither will we make a refund if the address provided by you was found to be wrong. If you specified the address as unfinished or wrong, you shall correct the address and do the purchase from the beginning.

Houzhandy always examines your case, and if that turns out to be favourable for you, your account will be credited with the original cost at the time of your ordering. Kindly note, we do not refund the shipment cost and handling cost that you paid while handing over the product back.

Full payment will be considered only if you haven’t received anything on your doorstep.