Bathroom Accessory Bath Set

Bathroom Accessory Bath Set

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Premium Design Chrome Plated Ceramic Feel Bathroom Accessory Set - Bath Set of 4 Items

LOTION SOAP DISPENSER - This is super durable and sturdy 16 Oz Pint regular mouth glass pint mason jar. The bronze pump is able to handle thick liquids like dense conditioner, liquid soap, dish soap, Lotions

The dip tube and interior parts are BPA-free. The pump contains a leak-proof gasket that does not leak out even if the bottle is tilted. Reusable, refillable, the environment as well as your budget

LUXURY BATHROOM ACCESSORY SET - 4 piece farmhouse rustic decor design mason jar bathroom set, perfect for any bathroom vanities or kitchen sink. All the Mason Jar Pump and lids are made from heavy-duty, Premium Food Grade Stainless Steel,100% making them out of rust and corrosion-resistant

DECORATIVE QTIP HOLDER - This wide mouth mason jar tip holder adds the perfect rustic charm to your bathroom. Wide mouth is easy to access the items inside, easy to open. The mason storage jars are great for cotton swabs, q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds, hair bands or any other bathroom necessities and accessories

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER - Recycled wide-mouth glass mason jar with recycled 304 stainless steel lid and lead-free water-resistant lacquer. Three large compartments work with most sizes of toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, flossers, razors and more

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